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Magnetic Particle Test (MT)

Magnetic Particle Test is base up on principle of generating magnetic field with in the body of test particle. This examination method is used to determine surface imperfection on ferromagnetic materials. Therefore tested material should be composed of magnetized materials.

To summarize magnetic particle test
  • In magnetized rod , lines of force passed through the rod.
  • Lines of forces are interrupted by crack that cause flux leakage.
  • Magnetic poles are formed on the cracks
  • Iron fillings are attracted by flux leakage at magnetic poles formed in crack.
Those controls and error assessments are performed and reported by high skilled staff (Mechanical engineers with MT1 and MT2 certificates) qualified base on TS 7477 (EN473). We can control of surface breaking imperfections of welding seams.

Current EN and ISO Standarts

Steel Casting
EN 1369  Steel Castings - Magnetic Particle Examinations

Steel Forgings
EN 10228-1 Non-Destructive Test of Steel Forgings - Part 1: Magnetic Particle Examination.

Steel Tubes
EN 10246-12 Non-Destructive Test Of Steel Tubes - Part 13: Magnetic Particle Test for seamless and welded of Steel Tubes for the Detection of Surface Imperfections.

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