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Radiographic Test (RT)

Used for determining volumetric and surface errors of steel castings, steel forgings, metallic and non-metallic materials because of penetration properties of X and GAMMA rays.

High energy electromagnetic waves penetrate through various materials. That electromagnetic radiation effect film located at opposite side of the material. Later on films that are subjected to developing process indicate material thickness, material density and voids inside the materials. This type of screening method called radiography.

About Radiography only restriction is material thickness. Except limitation of thickness it can be applied to all kinds of materials.

Radiation sources for radiographic examinations can be X-ray tubes or isotopes that generate Gamma rays.

In order to get accurate results from radiographic examinations; following standards prepared according to acceptance level, nature of test and type of material is necessary.

Those controls and error assessments are performed and reported by high skilled staff (Mechanical engineers with RT1 and RT2 certificates) qualified base on TS 7477 (EN473). We can perform welding seam control at plates and pipes (welds in shipbuilding, pressure vessels, natural gas pipes, overhead cranes and all kinds of steel constructions), determining casting defects in steel castings, controlling peripheral welding by single radiaton.

Current EN and ISO standarts
EN 444     Non-Destructive Testing – General Principles for Radiographic examination of metallic materials by X and Gamma rays.
EN 462-1 Non-Destructive Testing-Image Quality Of Radiographs-Part 1: Image Quality Indicators (Wire Type) Determination Of Image Quality Value
EN 462-2 Non-Destructive Testing-Image Quality Of Radiographs-Part 2: Image Quality Indicators (Step/hole type) Determination Of Image Quality Value.
EN 462-3 Non-Destructive Testing-Image Quality Of Radiographs-Part 3: Image Quality Classes for Ferrous Materials.
EN 462-4 Non-Destructive Testing-Image Quality Of Radiographs-Part 4: Assessment of Image Quality Values and Image Quality Tables by Experimentation.
EN 462-5 Non-Destructive Testing-Image Quality Of Radiographs-Part 5: Image Quality Indicators (Duplex Wire Type)- Determination of Total Image Unsharpness Value.

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