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Liquid Penetrant Test (PT)

This examination method is used to determine surface imperfections on all kind of metallic or non-metallic material surface. Those imperfections should be on the surface in order to detect by this method. Imperfections below the surface can not be detected by this method. Also porous structure of the particle hinders this type of examination.

PT is most common used NDT method. Testing particle is coated with visible or fluorescent dye solution. Excessive dye is removed from surface and developer is applied. Developer shows a behavior like blotting paper and attracting penetrating material from surface imperfections. Through visible dye, the color difference between penetrating material and developer makes the effusing visible. By the help of fluorescent dye, ultraviolet light makes the effusing process luminescent so that, this provides imperfections to be seen clearly.

Colorful Penetrant Liquids
Commonly, penetrate liquids are red. Property of liquid is its ability to penetrate in to cracks and voids.

Fluorescent Penetrant Liquids
Fluorescent penetrant liquids have a property of testability under ultraviolet rays

Those controls and error assessments are performed and reported by high skilled staff (Mechanical engineers with PT1 and PT2 certificates) qualified base on TS 7477 (EN473). We can control of surface breaking imperfections of welding seams. It provides advantage in examination of nonmagnetized materials.
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