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Şifremi Unuttum
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Decleration of Neutrality

Our decleration of neutrality, independency and confidentiality.

We stipulate and declare that;
  • We; as A type inspeciton company; supervise and provide the condition of controling and testing with proper technological equipments; wtihout considering the concepts of proponent, confrere and frriend at the measurements and inspections.
  • We carry out inspections based on objective datas and without considering any company or any individual interests.
  • With in the scope of inspection service; we will not make any comment nonobjectively, we abstain from any behaviour that affect companies negatively, we will not be biased and intolerant, we will act neutral and independent.
  • We will not exhibit behaviour that discredit compenies which Parion Inspeciton company have trade relation with.
  • We provide security of informations and documents belonging to serviced companies.
  • We provide the security of customer informations and inspection results and we prevent leakage of customer information.
  • We submit reports as soon as possible with the principle of neutrality according to our procedures.
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