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Ultrasonic Test (UT)

Ultrasonic Test is used for determining the material specifications, changes and defects by transmitting high frequency sound waves through materials. High frequency sound waves are reflected if strike to obstacle on the proceeding path. Ultrasonic waves can reach receiver probe; or can not; according to strike angle. Received signals are observed on ultrasonic test equipment screen. Thereby; it is possible to have opinion about reflector type, by computing coordinates of reflectors inside material in respect to height and location of reflection.

In tested material; alteration of “sonic velocity” and “sonic weakness” make proper evaluation difficult. Having coarse grain structure and having a high “sound weakness” because of absorption can make test impossible. In order to get accurate results specially designed probes for material surfaces should be used. Also reference blocks are needed because of the fact that surface condition of material is directly affecting test results.

Those controls and error assessments are performed and reported by high skilled staff (Mechanical engineers with UT1 and UT2 certificates) qualified base on TS 7477 (EN473).We can perform welding seam controls (naval architect, pressure vessels, natural gas pipelines, overhead cranes, all kinds of steel construction), lamination control in local parts, measurement of material thickness, determination of cracks and corrosion thickness.

Current EN and ISO Standarts
EN 583 - Non-destructive test - Ultrasonic examination
EN 12668 - Non-destructive test - Characterization and verification of ultrasonic examination equipment
EN 12223 - Non-destructive test - Ultrasonic examination - Specification for calibration block no:1.
EN 27963 Welds in steel - Calibration block no:2 for ultrasonic examination of welds

EN 1712 - Non destructive test of welds
Steel Castings
EN 12680 - Steel Casting - Ultrasonic Examination
Steel forgings
EN 10228 - Non destructive test of steel forgings
Steel Tubes
En 10246-9 - Non-Destructive testing of steel tubes - Part 9: Automatic ultrasonic testing of the weld seam of submerged arc welded steel tubes for the detection of longitudinal and/or transverse imperfections.
EN 10308 - Non destructive testing - Ultrasonic testing of steel bars
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