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Welding Technology

Basic principle in welding technology is to do preliminary work and to control if prespecified conditions are provided during welding process.

Determining method of welding technology that is widely used in industry, testing and approving application staff that apply technical requirements, determining if heat treatment is required or not before and after welding process and manner of application, investigaiton of negative influences of welding process on material, welding metallurgy, behaviour of welded joints and selecting NDT method requires expertise. Those controls requiring expertise are performed by engineers that have Euorepean Welding Engineer certfificate.
  • Controls performed by Welding technology Department
  • Control of contract (convenience of manufacturer organization for welding and related operations)
  • Convenience of material for welding.
  • Analyzing of material certificate (chemical analysis, lamination control and application of destructive test).
  • Marking of material
  • Convenience of welding consumable materials( welding wire, electrode)
  • Checking welding procedures (WPS) and approvals (WPAR) and making preparation on demand.
  • Checking validity of welding certificate.
  • Control of welding equipment
  • Preparation of welding groove and control of cleanness.
  • Control of pre-heating and heat treatment efficiency after welding.
  • Visual control of welding seams and applying NDT after welding.
  • Evaluation and reporting.
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